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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pioneers back in action, destroy Titans 65-7

Pioneers destroy the Titans 65-7.
Here is the anatomy of a 65-7 game:
Cleve McCoy to Ronald Zollicoffer ... 7-0.
Jeff McGaster sack.
Riza Mahmoud rushing TD... 14-0.
Travis Griffin returns blocked punt... 21-0.
Lionel Lamarre interception.
Daryl Davis TD run.... 28-0.
Vernon Johnson TD run... 35-0.
Rob Wills interception.
Riza Mahmoud TD run, 42-0.
Larry Moore pick six... 49-0.
Travis Griffin interception.
Vernon Johnson TD run.... 56-0.
Safety, Rob Wills.. 58-0.
Titans return fumble for TD... 58-7.
Jeff McGaster sack.
Donte Pettis pick six ... 65-7
Players of the game:
Special teams - Emmanuel Marcellino.
Offense - Riza Mahmoud.
Defense - Rob Wills.

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